The Birth Of 2 Trinkets
In this video, I am making 2 trinkets from Cedarwood.
The initial idea was to make 1 pendant, but the second one appeared involuntary. The cedar piece that gave birth to this project was used around 50 years ago, to build some shelves inside a demolished garden shed. The shapes, as well as, the end products are designed on the spot while grinding. There was nothing planned ahead - at this step, I had no idea how the end result would be.
I want my trinket to resemble a leaf.
I made holes in all 3 parts, trying to think of a way to bind the pieces together, to finish my trinket. When I noticed that I have another curved piece of cedar from another project; when it snaps me the idea to make a second trinket using the 3 curved parts, that I have. I dye the 2 smaller parts in a brew of beets, blackberries, and vinegar. And for the bigger curved part, I use a brew of coffee and vinegar. The parts are now dried enough, so it is time for fine grinding. The coffee one, I am grinding it more to randomly remove, some of the paint. Time to wax the leaf pendant: I want to use green and red wax for a blending effect, while the other parts are waxed with neutral beeswax.

Click the above image to watch the video.

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